Our Season Opens With a Story About The First American Hero…

The Interrogation of Nathan Hale by Captain John Montresor

Of HRM Expeditionary Force

This powerful story is set in the tent of Captain John Montresor, an Engineer in the British Army who carried 21-year-old Nathan Hale’s dying declaration letter to his family under a flag of truce.  Because of this, we know a lot about the young man who became the first to be executed as a spy in the service of America.  In the hours leading up to his death, Montresor interviewed Hale as a means of trying to understand the motivations of those who would seek independence from what was then the most powerful and important nation in the world.  Through their exchange, we come to understand the idealistic underpinnings of America as seen through the naïve eyes of Hale and the worldly but cynical eyes of Montresor.

We chose this play by David Stanley Ford to lead off a season dedicated to exploring The American Experience because of it’s honest and sometimes brutal exploration of human aspirations, emotions and failings.  Directed by A.S. Freeman, who brought us last season’s The Sunset Limited, the production stars two remarkable St. Louis actors- Alan Knoll and newcomer Spencer Sickmann.

Madam explores the story of Eliza Haycraft, a real-life bordello owner and the richest woman in St. Louis. This world-premiere musical debuts in August!

The rest of the season will look at The American Experience from different perspectives.  In Shame The Devil (April), we discover how even a successful and famous woman can be a second-class citizen in her own country.  In The Insane Sisters (June) we bring you the world-premiere of a play based on actual Hannibal events in the years leading up to the First World War.  In July, we lighten the mood with a hilarious new comedy based on a little-known novel by Herman Melville, The Almost True and Truly Remarkable Adventures of Israel Potter, about one of the unluckiest lucky men in American history.  And finally, in August, we present one of the most important new plays of the year, a world-premiere musical by Colin Healy, Madam, based on the real-life character Eliza Haycraft.

Tickets for all performances are on sale now at www.eventshannibal.com.  Single tickets are $27 for adults, $15 for youth 14 and under.  There is still time to lock in savings on the entire season with a full subscription (all 5 productions) for just $105.  Four-ticket Flex Passes, which can be used for any combination of 4 tickets to any production this season are also on sale for just $95 each.

Come join us for our exciting 5th season of professional theater in Hannibal featuring world-class performances in our intimate 90-seat theater.  Hannibal is located just 90 minutes from St. Louis, Springfield Il or Columbia.  We’re a convenient day-trip or a perfect weekend getaway…

Book online or call 573-719-3226 to reserve your seats now!



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