Auditions Notice-Summer Season 2016

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Friday March 25-Hannibal

All lead and featured roles, Equity and non-Equity

Sunday March 27-St. Louis

Lead roles, Equity and non-Equity

This is an open audition call for our upcoming Summer Season Alice in Wonderland (Prince Street Players Version)

We’ve been receiving calls for quite some time about auditions for our upcoming summer season and this is the official notice of auditions for Equity, non-Equity, College Theater students and talented amateurs.

Local auditions will be held in Hannibal on Friday, March 25.  (Sorry about the holiday but we are working around several people’s schedules).  We are seeking those interested in lead and featured roles in our two summer productions.

Lead roles include:

Alice- female, 12 years old but can be played by an older actor.  Requirement to act, sing and dance in a lead role.

Anne Atwater/Queen of Hearts- African-American Female 30-50 years old

C.P. Ellis/Mad Hatter-Caucasian 40-55 years old

Bill Riddick/King of Hearts-African-American Male 30-50 years old

Mary Ellis/Cheshire Cat- Caucasian 40-55 years old

Featured roles include Male and/or Female

The Rabbit; French Mouse; Caterpillar; March Hare; Dormouse; Knave of Hearts; Lady in Waiting; Tweedle Dum; Tweedle Dee; Dodo; Butterfly; Knave of Hearts;  Duck; Lory; Cook; Duchess; Lady in Waiting; Mock Turtle; Gryphon

There will also be a large number of chorus roles (non-speaking) which will be auditioned at a later date.  Some roles may be doubled.

St. Louis auditions will be held on Sunday March 27 at Utopia Studio, 3957 Park Ave. St. Louis.  non-Equity actors 9 a.m.-11:30 p.m.  Equity Actors, noon-4 p.m.  Appointments required.  Contact auditions@bluffcitytheater with a resume and photograph.

Hannibal auditions will be held on Friday March 25 at The Bluff City Theater Annex, 313 Broadway, Hannibal from 10 a.m.-noon and from 1 p.m.-3 p.m.  Appointments required.  Contact with a resume and photograph.  Returning Bluff City Theater performers do not need to submit a resume unless you have changes you wish to share with us.

Resumes can also be submitted online via our website at




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