Jason Hudy Show
Mystery. Intrigue. Comedy. Bewilderment.

Last summer, we closed our season with this remarkable show that just kept getting more popular as it went on.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to extend his run due to Jason’s other commitments.  So we did the next best thing and brought him back for another 3 shows this summer.

Jason has performed over 8,000 shows around the world including 26 months headlining at The Magic of Saipan and on Disney cruises and late-night television.  We were incredibly fortunate to book him last year and even more so this year as his calendar is filling up post-CoVid.  But Jason loves Hannibal audiences and agreed to fit us in for this one last run- thak you Jason!

If you missed this show last summer, don’t miss it now.  And if you saw it, we know you want to come back and watch it again.  Individual tickets are $25 but this can be purchased as part of a Summer of Entertainment subscription for just $139.  (7 shows including The Tunesmith if purchased prior to June 25th.  6 shows if purchased prior to July 9th).  

Bonus:  For this show only, we are offering a limited number of children’s tickets (16 and under) for just $10 each.  These will sell out fast, book them immediately to avoid disappointment.