Book, Music and Lyrics by Gregg Opelka

Directed by John Contini

Starring Felicia Dinwiddie and Taylor Pietz

It is 1950, Paris, at Chez Laplee, a dingy smoke-filled Cabaret where the regular performers are a pair of fading chanteuses.  Dominique and Fatiguee, accompanied by their pianist Jean-Paul Pierre are thrown together by economic necessity into jobs they hate at a non-descript club.  The cabaret’s owner demands that they sing only the songs of Edith Piaf, the most-popular entertainer of her time, but also an arch-rival.  However, on this particular evening, the club owner has been detained for questioning by the gendarmes and Dominique and Fatiguee break free to sing about their lives, their loves, their dreams and their dead-end job.

In a lyrical and clever homage to the music of Edith Piaf, the characters learn that we can only truly be free when we are true to ourselves.  For this production, the theater will be transformed into a seedy nightclub and some audience members will be seated on the stage.



Emily: The Musical

Book and Lyrics by Richard Ouzounian, Music by Marek Norman

based on the Emily of New Moon series of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Directed by Jennifer Stewart

Originally commissioned for the world-famous Charlottetown Festival in Prince Edward Island, Canada, this is the American premiere of a delightful family musical based on the lesser-known Emily of New Moon series of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  Emily Starr, orphaned after her father dies of tuberculosis, is sent to live with her aunts Elizabeth and Laura and cousin Jimmy.  There she meets a group of friends who each dream of greater things.  This is a story of dreams and loves and the childhood yearning for success that is part of all our lives and also about the importance of family and roots.  Audiences of all ages will fall in love with this beautiful musical tribute to families and home.  Emily: The Musical will feature actors from the BCT Young Company alongside our company of professionals.



HAVING OUR SAY: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years


Script by Emily Mann, Annie Elizabeth Delany and Sarah Louise Delany, based on the book of the same name.

Brought to you in part through a generous contribution from

The Law Firm of Dempsey & Dempsey

Having Our Say, based on the New York Times bestseller is the story of two African-American sisters who were outspoken pioneers of their generation, having witnessed history from shortly after the Reconstruction, through the Jim Crow years in the South, the Great Migration, Harlem’s Golden Years and the civil-rights battles of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The Delany sisters were pioneers, quietly breaking down barriers as a teacher in the New York City public schools and as a female, black dentist. Never having married, they supported each other spiritually and lived together for more than 100 years, drawing strength from one another. This play is a heart-warming and inspirational story of how two average women helped change the face of America.



The Boys In Autumn

Script by Bernard Sabath, based on the characters conceived by Mark Twain

Directed by Herbie Barnes

Starring John Contini

The Boys in Autumn was performed on Broadway by George C. Scott and John Cullum and in Los Angeles with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas and is Bernard Sabath’s best-known play tied to Hannibal.

This is not a sentimental portrait of Tom and Huck, but rather an imagining of how they might have turned out, given their personalities, experiences and traumas.  It is 1920 and Tom has returned to Hannibal to find his old friend Huck.  Both have experienced dark times in their lives.  Our set will be the front porch of Huck’s cabin, in sight of Shuck Island.  Audiences will sit on blankets or lawn chairs while riverboats, barges and trains pass by, as they have since the beginning of Hannibal.



The Glass Menagarie

By Tennessee Williams

Directed by Sydnie Grosberg Ronga

Brought to you in part through a generous contribution from
Dr. Michael and Sharon Bukstein.

Considered one of the greatest plays ever written about dysfunctional families, The Glass Menagerie is set in St. Louis during the early days of WWII.  Based in large part on Williams’ own experiences with a histrionic mother, a mentally fragile sister and an absent father who still loomed larger than life in their household, The Glass Menagerie won the New York Drama Critics award in 1945 and launched Tennessee Williams’ career in modern American theater.

We welcome Sydney Grosberg Ronga to her directing debut at Bluff City Theater.  Based in New York City and St. Louis, Ronga is a critically-acclaimed director and educator who has recently worked with The New Jewish Theater, Insight Theater and The St. Louis Black Rep Theater in St Louis as well as many others.  She loves working in intimate spaces and The Glass Menagerie is a wonderful play for her to ply her craft as we close out our 2017 Season.

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