Bluff City Theater was founded in Hannibal in 2013 to enhance the quality of life for residents of and visitors to the Greater Hannibal area through the development of a high-quality performing arts culture in the downtown.
In our work we strive to:

  • Challenge the way in which theater is practiced and develop alternate models for creating and promoting the work
  • Break barriers to public participation and access in the arts through unique projects, specifically concentrating on attracting an audience from lesser served sectors
  • Address the well-being of local youth by involving them in the core of all our activities through a variety of youth programs and initiatives
  • Build a distinct local professional artistic community by providing increased opportunities to local professional artists
  • Support the work of our artists with challenging and unique opportunities
  • Share resources and collaborate with other organizations, whenever possible

BCT’s Youth Education in Theater Initiative (YETI), is a free mentor-ship program aimed to foster the talents and feed the passions of our students who have attained the age of 13 years of age or older on September 1, 2014. Under the mentor-ship of seasoned actors, directors, playwrights and theater professionals, young people will get unique opportunities to explore all things theater. From performance to script-writing, slam-poetry to stage design, this ground-breaking program provides teens with the fundamentals to become an inspired professional, in whatever theater-based field they choose. We will recruit up to 30 students for the next session.
The program runs during the school year (September-May) and is held in our theater building at 212 Broadway. The participants are encouraged to set their own priorities and work towards an end-of-year production for friends and family.

At least once each year, the participants will take a field trip to broaden their exposure to theater and live performance.

YETI encourages collaboration and leadership as the students work together to solve problems. Because the program is multi-year progressive, we anticipate that experienced students will help guide and mentor first-year participants as the program matures.

Admission to this program is conducted by way of an application process, including a teacher referral.

Program Requirements:

YETI members are expected to attend monthly workshop meetings held in the evening or on weekends. Frequency of meetings could increase when preparing for a production or YETI event. In addition to the workshop component, each youth intern will have private sessions with their mentor(s), depending on their area of interest. Mentor-ship may take place during regularly scheduled BCT productions or via seminars in specific areas of expertise.

Volunteer activities are an important part of your theater development. YETI participants are expected to volunteer for BCT promotional activities and regular season productions in the capacity of stage crew, usher or other (up to 10 hours a month).

Talent or experience is not a prerequisite to YETI participation. Commitment, creative thinking and the ability to work in a collaborative manner are. If you are interested in all that the world of theater has to offer, we invite you to become part of this exciting and unique learning experience.

Financial considerations are not a barrier to participation. There is no cost to participate in the YETI program. All expenses are covered through community sponsorship and other BCT initiatives.

Submit your application to:
Mail: Bluff City Theater, 212 Broadway Avenue, Hannibal MO 63401
In Person: as above, during business hours
Online: info@bluffcitytheater.com

Complete the form below to be notified when BCT’s YETI schedule is announced.

Personal Information

  • Please indicate three areas of interest, rate in order of preference (first selection being choice 1, etc.), and then described any experience you may have had. (Experience is not esstential).
  • All applications require a parent or guardian signature if you are under the age of 18. If you are 18 or older we require your signature. This may be accomplished by following the steps below:

    1. Print this page.
    2. Have your parent or guardian sign in the space below.
    3. Return the printed form to our office (in person, by mail, or you may scan and e-mail the form to YETI@bluffcitytheater.com) at our mailing address below.

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    Submit your application to:
    By Mail:
    Bluff City Theater
    212 Broadway Avenue
    Hannibal MO 63401
    In Person:
    During regular business hours at mailing address above.
    By E-Mail: