Have you ever dreamed of being on the stage?

What sets a professional apart from everyone else? Talent, for sure, but professional performers will tell you that talent without training is “wasted.” The Hannibal region boasts many talented people but there have been few, if any, opportunities to enjoy high-quality professional training in theater.

The academy is structured to move students through the fundamentals of performing from little or no knowledge and experience to a high level of competence and confidence on stage.

Whether your goal is to improve your performances in school or community productions, to land that big part or to pursue your acting career in college or professionally down the road, our programs will help you get there.

Here at the BCT Academy we are interested in working with those who like to perform and want to get better at it.

Starting with the basics-movement, improvisation and voice we’ll take you through more advanced training in scene and character development. We’ll give you lots of opportunities to practice your skills in front of live audiences.

Class size is limited to 12 per instructor to make sure each participant receives personal attention.

Tuition support is available for low-income families. Please see the administrator to apply for help.

Course Descriptions

 Beginning Acting I: (Ages 7 – 13) 

 Saturdays 10:45 am – 11:45 am 

Acting I photoThis introduction to acting is for children who want to explore theater and get comfortable performing in front of an audience. Acting 1 ends with a showcase in the Spring. Parents will be invited to a class in December.

Classes focus on:

  • Voice and movement exercises
  • Introduction to parts of the stage and blocking
  • Playing with the imagination to “make it real”
  • Improvised scenes on Who, What, Where, and When
  • Prepare monologues for BCT spring auditions
  • Perform in a final showcase at the end of April, 2017


 Saturdays, 9:30am – 10:30am 

Singing For StageIn a positive and encouraging atmosphere this class is for boys and girls who want to develop their singing voice in a chorus. These skills are important when performing in musical theater as a chorus member or as a lead. Each session ends with a performance for the community.

Students will:

  • Practice proper singing techniques
  • Strengthen pitch, tone modulation, and projection
  • Learn a variety of songs and styles with movements
  • Identify the story of a song and how to express it
  • Perform for the community

 Intermediate Acting II & Solo Singing for the Stage: Ages 8-14 

 Saturdays, 1pm – 3pm (Spring Session Only) 

This class is for young actors who want to take their performing skills to the next level. Through specific improvisation exercises, scripted material, and singing solos and duets, students will:

  • Improve projection and sustaining the voice safely
  • Strengthen emotional range in acting and singing
  • Enhance tone, pitch, and singing in harmony
  • Find the story to be told in a scene or a song
  • Explore different character types
  • Prepare audition monologues and songs
  • Work with professional guest artists
  • Perform scenes, solos, and duets for final showcaseAlice

You may enroll for a class or classes by completing the online form below or by downloading the pdf version by clicking Academy Sessions Brochure.


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